How to get item info for Outlook attachments dropped onto a view_

When you drag&drop an attachment from an outlook email to a Finder window, then this attachment is copied to that folder. I want to do the same when such an attachment is dropped onto my view.

Current Situation:
I have implemented drop functionality on a view in SwiftUI for files and folders. It works because I know that files/folders provide a URL which I can just use. But now, I want to support dropping for other objects, like attachments in Outlook eMails. The UTType here is .data or .item. But I do not understand how to load the data in the drop delegate.

Here's what I have working for files/folders:

providers.forEach { provider in
    if provider.canLoadObject(ofClass: URL.self) {
        let _ = provider.loadObject(ofClass: URL.self) { object, error in
            if let url = object {
                self.fileDropped(container: container, url: url)

As the provider also conforms to data (according to hasItemsConforming, I was able to write the following code.

providers.forEach { provider in
    provider.loadDataRepresentation(forTypeIdentifier: { data, error in
        if data == nil {
        } else {
            let target = self.container.volumeInfo.volumePath.appendingPathComponent("test")
            let file = FileManager.default.createFile(atPath: target.path, contents: data as! Data)

With this, I'm getting a message "Cannot load representation of type". Even if this would work, I'm not getting the file name and extension from this.

Actual Question:
How can I load drop Outlook attachments onto my view, getting the file data itself and the file name?

Note on macOS 13
I know that with macOS 13, there is the new Transferable class that replaces the NSItemProvider. But I don't have macOS 13 yet, nor does it seem to work for macOS reliably just yet. I heard that there are a couple of bugs. So I'd stick to NSItemProvider for now.