How to ForEach on optional state?

Using the Todos example in TCA, if I make the todos array optional, I'm struggling to figure out how I then use the ForEach with that new optional array. I can't find a combination that works.

So in AppState I just made todos optional:

  var todos: IdentifiedArrayOf<Todo>?

So the compiler shows this error for the reducer:

It seems the compiler has a hard time choosing the correct ForEach, and I noticed that the ForEach I need already does a return self.optional.reducer(....

This seems to work, but feels too verbose, am I missing something obvious?

        state: \.self,
        action: .self,
        environment: { $0 }
        state: \.todos,
        action: /AppAction.todo(id:action:),
        environment: { _ in TodoEnvironment() }

@pcolton That's probably the most straightforward way to handle his kind of double-nesting of state. We're working on some ways of improving the ergonomics of optional and enum-based state, though, that will hopefully clean this kind of thing up in the future!

Are there any updates on how best to handle this?

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