How to do performance testing properly in swift-foundation?

I want to compare the speed of swift-foundation and the JSONDecoder decode that comes with Xcode.
I tested it with unit tests and measureBlock in a new project and JSONEncoderTests in swift-foundation.
JSONDecoder in swift-foundation look like too slow,I think this is because swift-foundation has not been introduced as a library.
Does anyone know how to do this? thanks a lot

Being a system library or not doesn't matter very much. Did you build your benchmark in release or debug configuration?

Hi,I use debug configuration.
I got this error when I switch to release configuration.

/Users/karimzhang/home/project/swift-foundation/Tests/FoundationInternationalizationTests/BinaryFloatingPointExtensionTests.swift:18:18: Module 'FoundationInternationalization' was not compiled for testing

and my benchmark code

Doesn't using swift-foundation source code testing affect performance benchmarks?