How to disable multiple TapGestures from being recognized simultaneously in SwiftUI

I hope this is relevant to this forum,

I'm trying to build a simple List in SwiftUI, each row will perform an action on tap, here's a sample code:

struct ContentView: View {
  var body: some View {
    List {
      ForEach(1..<10) { i in
        Text("Hello, world!")
          .onTapGesture {
            print("Tapped: ", i)

This works, however, if user multi-taps on two rows, the console is going to print twice. Not great if I'm pushing a secondary view controller. Is there a way to have some sort of exclusiveTouch property to each List item?

Hi @ShadyElyaski ! Apple has asked that questions about their proprietary frameworks, of which SwiftUI is one, be asked over in their developer forums and not here. There’s a chance you’ll find a community member here who can help with the question nonetheless, though, but since you asked I’d point out that it’s not considered to be “on-topic.”

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