How to delete a thread?

I'd like to delete a thread started by me. But clicking on the delete button (the dustbin icon at the bottom of the post) shows that "you don't have permission to delete the topic". Can site admin help to do it or suggest how I can do it myself?

The thread is at:

It contains posts by me and @tera (I have chatted with him about this and he agreed).

The thread is about SwiftUI programming. I latter realized the discussion was completely in a wrong direction. It will be misleading to future readers who stumbled on this page to learn SwiftUI programming. On the other hand, I don't think it's worth updating it any more.


I don't mind either way (be that thread deleted or not).

PS. Something is clearly wrong with Apple Dev Forums

Compare and contrast:

Data in @EnvironmentObject and data in @Binding can be inconsistent

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You can just flag the post and ask for it to be deleted. But in this case, I'll just hide it, if you don't mind.

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