How to create an horizontal menu for all my storyboards


I am new on this forum and new to swift.
I would like to know what would be the best approach to create a horizontal menu fixed at the bottom of the storyboards for all my storyboards with like 4-5 buttons.

Note: I don't need swipe or anything, just a simple menu that requires tap to open the page.

Something like the picture bellow.

Thank you

If you are looking to develop your application on iOS, you will need to use the Apple private frameworks in UIKit, SwiftUI, etc.. Questions like this are best asked on sites that are specific to Apple development like the Apple developer forums, or looking at the Apple documentation. If you are looking to develop for Android, there are similar sites that would be more appropriate. If you are looking to do cross-platform development, there are other more applicable forums as well.

These forums are for the Swift language and support environment, hopefully applicable to all the platforms that Swift supports now, or will support in the future.

Thank you for your reply jon, I actually type "xcode support forums" on google and this forum is one of the top searches. :stuck_out_tongue:
I will try looking for an xcode specific forum.

You may need to sign up for a free Apple developer account.