How to convert a Double to a number without decimals?

Hello !

I have this code

let myDouble: Double = 3.45

I want to keep the type as Double
but I want to remove the decimals
to get as result only 3 (no 3.45)

Are there some method to do that?


let result = myDouble.rounded(.towardZero) // 3


thanks @scanon !
Do you know some way to hide the decimals?

let result = 3.45.rounded(.towardZero) // result is 3.0. I would need 3 (without decimal, without zero)

Ah, that's a question of formatting, not rounding. The value is exactly 3, your question is just how to get it to print without any extra digits.

import Foundation

String(format: "%.0f", result)

Great! this is the solution

if you want more granular control over formatting there are the new formatters in Foundation (which that String(format:) is also from)


I want to remove the decimals to get as result only 3

There are various ways to do this but they divide into two groups:

  • Those that produce localised results.

  • Those that produce US ASCII results.

Which type of result do you want? Because:

  • If you want US ASCII results and you use a localised formatter, the Arabic digits you get in some environments will probably ruin your day (-:

  • Contrariwise, a user who’s expecting Arabic will not be happy with US ASCII results.

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