How to change a static func that takes no param to a static var (`static func reversed<Subject>()` to ` static var reversed`?

struct ReversedStyle<Subject>: FormatStyle {
  func format(_ value: Subject) -> String {
      String(String(describing: value).reversed())

// this works but rather not use func
extension FormatStyle where Self == ReversedStyle<Any> {
    static func reversed<Subject>() -> ReversedStyle<Subject> { .init() }

// this is preferred, this compile but no easy way to call
extension FormatStyle where Self == ReversedStyle<Any> {
    // Is there anyway to change the above to a var:
    static var reversedVar: Self { .init() }

// this works!
// but I prefer to use as a var syntax, how to make it work?
25.formatted(.reversedVar)             // error: Instance method 'formatted' requires the types 'Int' and 'Any' be equivalent

Unfortunately computed properties can't define generics, so — to my knowledge — it isn't possible.