How to build swift compiler in clear linux

how to build swift compiler from repository in clear Linux without docker?

The answer depends on the exact distribution and its version that you're using. Would you be able to clarify that?

If this is Intel’s Clear Linux, then I’m having trouble seeing which of the supported distributions would be compatible. Is Clear Linux based on another distro, or is its own distribution?

its Intel’s Clear Linux, its own distribution

What package manager does it use? We have toolchain dependencies specified in corresponding Dockerfiles for Ubuntu, CentOS, RHEL UBI, and Amazon Linux.

If your distribution is based on any of these, you'll have to install those dependencies before building, otherwise you'll have to find if those are available for your distribution and how to install them.

swupd has two main functions:

  1. Manage software and replace APT or YUM, by installing bundles rather than packages.
2)Check for system updates and install them.