How to add package dependent c file in ios built process?

Hi, i am new to IOS development

i am working on creating iOS mobile app.
Suppose app name is "MyApp".
Suppose "MyApp" is using swift package called "thirdPartySwiftPackage".

"thirdPartySwiftPackage" is build using some C-library so it uses .dylib file and .h files.

For installing "thirdPartySwiftPackage" :

  1. Added "thirdPartySwiftPackage" to our app. it will clone source code of the "thirdPartySwiftPackage" from github.
  2. Using make command need to manually install depend library of "thirdPartySwiftPackage" .Files that are generated from make command are :
    a) .dylib
    b) .h (2 header file of c)
    Note : .dylib is created by cloning code from github and creating .dylib file and delete cloned code after except .dylib and .h files.
    Whenever i am trying to build iOS i am getting file not found error .

#include filename.h

Question :
How can i add .h file as build dependences for build process ?

Note :
a) swift package doesn't have bridging header functionality.
b) make command is executed at location where swift package is downloaded by xcode.

"githublibrary" //used for creating .dylib file and some .h file. cloned from github and deletes code after creating .dylib file. 
"thirdPartySwiftPackage" //swift package that uses c file and need to create .dylib using make command. package is on github.
"MyApp" //Appication build is falling because not able to find .h file
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