How to add main header (in addition to section headers) to collectionView with mutliple sections

Hi. This is my first post on this forum. I am trying to add a header view to the UICollectionView with multiple sections. It needs to look like on the attached picture, but i also want it to always be visible, even when sections are scrolled out of bounds. I tried this solution from SO but it doesn't cut achieve what I want. Any suggestions would be greatly appreaciated. Thanks!!
Screenshot 2020-07-30 at 07.14.08|178x396

Edit: I forgot to add that the screen is a UICollectionViewController. If it was UIViewController I would just add a view above UICollectionView and be done with it, but in this case it's not as easy.

You will probably get a better answer from an Apple-specific forum or site such as the Apple Developer forums, since your question is about UIKit, not Swift itself. It would also be better if you put this type of question in "Using Swift", not "Development>Standard Library". UIKit is not part of the Swift Standard Library. This forum is really about the Swift language and support infrastructure (which AppKit and UIKit are not part of), and tries to not be Apple-specific