How to add an index for a column

For the following code:
migrator.registerMigration("creatZipCodes") { db in
try db.create(table: "ZipCodes") { t in
t.column("zipCode", .text).notNull()
t.column("zipState", .text).notNull()
t.column("zipType", .text).notNull()
t.column("zipCity", .text).notNull()

How do I add an index for "zipCode" column. Do I have to use the sql command CREATE INDEX?

Please search for "create index" in the README: GRDB.swift/ at master · groue/GRDB.swift · GitHub

Thanks, I looked at that documentation you mentioned and was wondering if there was another way. At any rate I got the index created as I wanted.

You did not ask this question. So you missed the opportunity to know if "there's another way" :man_shrugging:

Maybe next time you'll directly ask what's in your mind? It will be better for everyone, because we won't spend time writing false questions, or looking for useless answers.

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