How import TensorFlow for Swift in XCode Playground

Hello Folks,

Hope all doing good. I have an issue i.e.can not import the tensorflow for Swift in Xcode Playground.

I'm trying to use Swift for TensorFlow and have followed the directions found here: swift/ at main · tensorflow/swift · GitHub

When I go ahead and import TensorFlow as such within a Swift Playground file:

import TensorFlow

I get this error: "The active toolchain is not compatible with playgrounds. libswiftCore.dylib could not be loaded"

I was able to use Swift for TensorFlow within the REPL so I know it should work does anyone haveve any ideas as to how to fix this issue?


Did you accidentally create an iOS playground instead of a macOS one?
Only macOS playgrounds are currently supported.

If you have other questions regarding Swift for TensorFlow, please check if it's answered in the FAQ. If not, please create an issue on the tensorflow/swift repository for higher visibility. Thank you!