How does ArrayLiteralElement get defaulted in SetAlgebra?

The SetAlgebra protocol refines Equatable and ExpressibleByArrayLiteral. There is a default implementation when the set's and array-literal's element types are the same. I just made up a set type and had "public typealias ArrayLiteralElement = Element" in it to get the provided implementation. I then commented out the line, and everything still worked, without a request to define ArrayLiteralElement. I did a search over the SetAlgebra file and the entire repository, and I don't see how an unspecified ALE gets a default assignment to Element.

That's exactly how it gets defaulted to that type:

The where clause is simply ignored. :face_with_head_bandage:

For more information on that read this thread:

Are there any further stdlib development related questions, otherwise I'd move this thread into #swift-users?!

I agree with you in that thread; it looks like a mis-feature where the compiler is being too smart. The line looks descriptive, and almost always is, but here (and only when there's exactly one such extension) it's being proscriptive.

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