How do I delete data in a core data container

I have a program that reads data from 3 files in the downloads directory, places the data into managed objects and then saves them via the managed object context to persistent stores in 3 seperate containers. When the program starts it compares a date in a CreationDateContainer in persistent stores with the creation date of one of the data files in the downloads folder. If the files creation date is later than that in stores I want to delete the data in persistent stores, with the exception of CreationDateContainer, and read in the new data. I think all of the code works as desired with one exception. I am unable to delete the data. I have written the function below that I thought would delete the associated persistent stores then the associated file but does not do so. The code compiles and executes the for loop.

func deleteManagedObjects() {
    let arrayOfContainers: [String] = [
    for item in arrayOfContainers {
        let container = NSPersistentContainer(name: item)
        let storeCoordinator = container.persistentStoreCoordinator
        for store in storeCoordinator.persistentStores {
            try? storeCoordinator.destroyPersistentStore(
                at: store.url!,
                ofType: store.type,
                options: nil)
            try? FileManager.default.removeItem(at: store.url!)
        _ = NSPersistentContainer(
            name: item

This forum is for only topics related to Swift Programming Language, but your post is related to CoreData, which is an Apple framework.

See Core Data Programming Guide.