How do I call code inside App Intent Extension such as updateAppShortcutParameters() - Getting Linking error

Was watching this latest WWDC 2023 video and had a question. I see about 17:20 in, they mention you can now put the shortcut provider in an app intent extension.

This works fine by itself and I can see all my shortcuts and use siri, but as soon as I try to call into the extension from the main app in order to trigger updateAppShortcutParameters() or any other code, I get a linker error. Am I doing something obvious wrong? Note, I called it a framework, but it Is just an extension. Cant figure out how I am supposed to be calling this method.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hi @eclair4151,

While someone may be able to help you here, Apple has asked that questions regarding the use of their proprietary frameworks be asked over in the Apple Developer Forums. Thanks!