How can the docker tagging process be improved?

Swift 5.2.4 was released May 20th, and the docker image repo had a PR merged here three days ago, yet the tags for 5.2.4 are still not available. Is there some manual process that could be automated upon merges to master to create new tags? Is there some work that needs to be done here? It would be great to speed up the turnaround time from swift release to docker images being available for that release.


hi @brendankirchner thanks for bringing this up. to publish docker images in top level docker hub projects, the project must create PRs on docker's official-images repository and they manually review it. the PR is currently open:

Gotcha, and thanks for the insight. Is there a reason that swift is in the top level of docker hub, vs being an "org" (sorry if that's not the right terminology for docker hub) and publishing the images there?

Also, it looks like some of the build checks failed :frowning:

to be able to run commands like docker run swift the project needs to be top level

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Oh, of course. That makes sense. Thanks again for following up. Really appreciate all of the work that you do.

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Swift 5.2.4 Docker images for Ubuntu 16.04/18.04/20.04, CentOS 8 and Amazon Linux 2 now available on

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