How can I use new Mutex for Swift 6?

Swift 6 has Mutex in Synchronization. But I can not find the instance about it in xcode beta or swift 6 beta toolchain. (I can use Atomic from Synchronization)
What am I missing?

The Mutex proposal was SE-0433. Looking at the Swift Evolution dashboard, it looks like the proposal has been accepted but the implementation has not landed in Swift 6.0 yet.

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It was merged to main 3 days ago link.
So I thought It would be implemented on 2024-06-18 swift 6 dev tool chain.
Which was wrong. Thanks for the dashboard link :slight_smile:

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main branch is not 6.0. For a feature to appear in 6.0 snapshots it needs to be merged into release/6.0 branch.


Mutex was merged to 6.0 3 days ago, it should be available in the swift 6 dev toolchain :thinking:

Edit: It seems the latest swift 6 toolchain is from June 13th which doesn't include Mutex.