How can i create a UIEvent or UITouch instance?

Hi, everybody here.
Here are my business:

We want to cast our cell phone screen to other device screen, but users can touch or control APP content via other device screen, we can call it reverse control.

When i touch the other device screen, our link protocol between my cell phone and other device, will send protocol data to my app, E.g: location point, timestamp.

So, when APP get the protocol data, we can seek the UI object.

The question here is:
How can i create a UIEvent or UITouch instance, so i can call 'open func sendEvent(_ event: UIEvent)' ?
If not, what can i do here?
Any solutions here are welcomed.
Thank you very much.

Best to ask over on some Apple-specific site (Apple Developer forums, StackOverflow, etc.). Your questions does not apply to Swift the language, rather it's aimed at Apple frameworks.

More importantly, this sounds like a security disaster waiting to happen.

Thanks for your comments.
Yes, for sure, there are some risk of security. We have stopped to do this work.