How can I create a .framework file from a swift package?

In this repo here UnityCoreBluetooth/Examples/UnityExample/Assets/Plugins/UnityCoreBluetooth/Plugins/iOS at c67a39211120a537addc47140281e3a9542c8321 · fuziki/UnityCoreBluetooth · GitHub

They manage to make a .framework file, which is what I need. but when I build I just get the .swiftmodule.

How do I make the .framework file from a build of the swift package so I can get my changes propagated.

I figured out that the method to convert the Swift Package to a .framework is not obsolete.

It depended on the command generate-xcodeproj and enabling bitcode both of which are deprecated.

I'm actively looking for a workaround but if anyone has input that would be great.