Help with SwiftUI on macOS document based app with multiple documents

First time posting here, if this is the incorrect category please let me know, but I'm having trouble solving this myself or getting assistance from the Apple developer forum.

Adding a second "DocumentGroup" to a document based SwiftUI app, auto converts the "New" menu item into a submenu, with one item "New Document".

I'd like to add a second item to that submenu, to create a new instance of my second doc type. Googling around finds one solution, but that doesn't work as I'd expect it to with Ventura 13.6.5 and Xcode 15.2.

The solution linked below, adds a menuitem under the "Open Recent" menu, not in the "New" submenu. 4SwiftUI/Answers/ at master · Asperi-Demo/4SwiftUI · GitHub

Changing the position to "before", also doesn't add it to the menu, and if you replace ".newItem", you then have to manually handle the Open dialog and the Open Recent menu.

It feels like I'm missing something, that will then make the second document type appear in the "New" menu, does anyone know what it is?

Or should I really recreate the entire wheel, just to add a second doc type?