Help getting started on Expand the Swift overlay for the C++ Standard Library

Hello Swift,
My name is Neelesh Kumawat. I am 3rd year CS student. I would like to contribute to your organisation in Gsoc 2023 .

I have a basic knowledge of C++. I want to utilize my skills in this gsoc 2023 program.

I found that "Expand the Swift overlay for the C++ Standard Library" this project is quite interesting. I want to be part of this project.

Waiting for the reply......

Hi @NeeleshKumawat,
please take a moment to read through the existing replies about the C++ overlay project in Topics tagged gsoc-2023.

If you have any more specific questions we can help with those, but right now it's hard to say how to help you out :slight_smile: Have you tried something with relation to getting started, have you gotten stuck somewhere, what are your plans on contributing etc.

Hope this helps,

PS: I changed the topic title from "GSoc Contribution" to something more specific.