Help: .branch("master") import on Xcode 12.5 fetches last release

Hello. I'm trying to import the starscream package via (package(url: "GitHub - daltoniam/Starscream: Websockets in swift for iOS and OSX", .branch("master")) ).
It doesn't fetch the code on the master branch, but the last release. Is releasing the tag mandatory to import ?


These are not mutually exclusive. Which branch is being fetched, and which release is being fetched?

.branch("master") should checkout the most recent commit on the master branch.

Yes, my bad. I got mixed up in develop and master. SPM is fetching correctly now. I have another issue though. I want to fix the version of the import but its reporting the following error.

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runtimeManifestErrors(["Invalid semantic version string '5.0'"]) in GitHub - skywinder/web3swift: Elegant Web3js functionality in Swift. Native ABI parsing and smart contract interactions.

Also, the documentation says the following

/// Note that packages that use branch-based dependency requirements
/// can't be depended upon by packages that use version-based dependency
/// requirements; you should remove branch-based dependency requirements
/// before publishing a version of your package.

I want to publish a packageA, which imports, packageA > web3swift.

web3swift has not released the latest commit on the develop branch. If i pin the version using .branch("develop") and release my packageA, what kind of issues will i run into ? (Note - i'm planning to release packageC > packageB > packageA > web3swift (> stands for imports))

The documentation directly answers this question: It won't work. I don't know exactly what error message you'll get because I've never tried this, but it doesn't really matter.

This is not a valid semantic version string. It must contain a patch number; e.g., 5.0.0.

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