Hello I’m new and questions of a beginner

Hello everyone!

Let me introduce myself, my name is Loryne and I'm a high school student in France. I've got a basic knowledge of Python and, at the same time, I took part in the Apple App Design & Swift Challenge on how to start developing an app, so I've got a very basic knowledge of Swift. For a new challenge (Engineering Science Olympiad), my work group and I have a fairly ambitious project, given our level of coding.

Our aim is to help refereeing badminton, a sport where the action happens very quickly, whether for beginners who don't know how to count points, or for the 'professionals' where not all the actions are visible/observable by the players. So we'd like to produce a system of objects, including an application, a display screen, and possibly various sensors, if the rest works (why not included on the edges of the display screen, but we haven't decided which ones) to enable us to meet this objective. The first idea would be to use one or two iPhones/iPads to film the game, connected by Bluetooth to the display screen.

As you can see, with the very basic knowledge we have, it's going to be very hard to achieve our goal. However, given that this is a challenge that doesn't take priority over our courses (and that we've got an exam to pass this year), we don't have the time to go through an entire course... Our goal isn't to become developers, but just to create a few pieces of code to make our idea more or less functional...

Do you think you could please help us? The two points we're really struggling with are the use of our iPad's camera in our code (we want to use it to calibrate the size of the terrain by recording the angles of the terrain, then keep it there while we count the points) and Bluetooth communication (we'd like to know about Bluetooth communication between two iPads and between iPad/external object). Could you please provide us with some documentation links on these subjects?

Thank you in advance, we'd be very grateful for any help on these points!


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I'm also a beginner, but maybe you could train an ML model using CreateML to track the angle of the ground?

And then maybe you can use it with CoreML?

As for connecting to the screen, apple offers multiple frameworks for working with Bluetooth:

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Apparently OpenCV might be helpful for it too:

Okay thank you very much!