Hello from HoneyBee

The HoneyBee team is excited to be here on the Swift Forums. We’re here to discuss feature changes and improvements as well as usage questions.

HoneyBee is a mature futures/promises library that makes concurrent programing easy, expressive and safe.

  • Integrating HoneyBee is easy; your existing async functions can be used as-is.
  • Using HoneyBee is expressive; recipes look like the concurrent algorithms they describe.
  • Running HoneyBee is safe; code is protected from many errors and mistakes common to concurrent programming.

You can learn more at the project page.


Can I ask why this project isn't hosted on GitHub?

Why should it?

Not trolling here but I think your question touches an important topic in our development community.

It is rather disturbing that GitHub is used almost exclusively even though there are well suited competitors. I don't deny that GitHub has a great product, but frankly so have others. It's always sad to see that application x now has GitHub integration and not for other platforms. Monopoly is a bad thing for everyone and it would be great to see some more diversity.


I never stated that this project should be hosted in GitHub. My question was regarding the reasoning behind not choosing GitHub. My question originated for me by the fact that I had to use the link in this page to actually find the source code, since BitBucket doesn't SEO as well with Google Search as GitHub.

In the developer ecosystem, there exists a great deal of fragmented specifications and workflows, so I am happy when I see developers arrive at a general consensus, like usually hosting in GitHub. There will always be exceptions, but I don't see the use of GitHub as disturbing. It is a host for distributed source control and, if one builds their tools well, that host can change fairly easily.

GitHub integrations can be another conversation, but I think I had a valid question. I wasn't challenging the decision. I was inquiring into the reasons behind the decision.

Apologies, I didn't mean to insinuate that you did.

It absolutely is a valid question and it was not my intention to suggest otherwise. I hijacked the question to bring up a topic that was bugging me, and that was disrespectful. Sorry.


Thanks for saying that. I appreciate it.

No worries at all, and (for the record) BitBucket is a solid product. :smiley:

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I’m afraid the rational may be somewhat disappointing. It’s primarily for legacy reasons. I find that bitbucket serves my purposes equally well to github, and I have infrastructural investments there from older projects.
But after this, I wish I had chosen it for the cause of marketplace diversity. :)