GSoC'19 with Swift Compiler, Runtime

Hi all

I'm Praveen Velliengiri, studying Masters in Data Science at PSG College of Technology, India. I would to contribute to Swift project during this year's google summer of code. As a first step I gone through some of the swift design docs. The project seems to be very exciting. I'm especially interested in contributing to the swift compiler and optimizer , but i didn't find any compiler related projects in ideas list. Do you have any projects in mind that can be taken up by a student and can be completed over 3 months. It will helpful for me to write a proposal and come up with a simple prototype at earliest.

I have an intermediate knowledge in c++, concurrency and distributed systems. I have also participated in GSoC previously, where I got to work on a C++ HPC Runtime System - HPX. I'm also currently learning LLVM Middle end and started writing wrote some toy transformation and analysis passes to understand it. But I do have a very limited knowledge in swift.

I have also send this to swift for tensorflow team, but later I realised that this forum is more appropriate than tensorflow.

I highly appreciate your thoughts on this :)



Hi Praveen,

Sorry for the delay. I think that the C++ knowledge would certainly be useful for working on the swift compiler. What areas of the compiler are you interested in?

As an area that would probably have the biggest impact, and something that constantly impacts me as well, is the quality of debug info that we are generating, particularly for Windows. It would be great to see further improvements to the CodeView debug info generation that the swift compiler has!


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