GSoC: SwiftPM delta debugging

Hey everyone,

my name is Tim Gymnich. I am currently pursuing my bachelors degree in CS at TU Munich in Munich, Germany.
Over the past weeks I’ve been going through issues on jira and reading the forums looking for a good project. I came across SR-4329 and was wondering if this would make a good Google Summer of Code Project.

Concerning @ddunbar 's comment: I’ve already done some reading on delta debugging. Mainly the paper on delta debugging and the paper on C-Reduce.
I would invoke the tool inside SwiftPackageTools.
For the beginning I would start with line based reductions. At some point I would go into using a heuristic similar to c-reduce, and libSyntax (or AST) for reductions.
As of now I’m not quite sure about the test predicate. I can imagine this beeing implemented in a few different ways:

  • Using a shell script and reading the exit code or doing some XPC for comunicating the test resuts
  • Use swift test for testing

Feel free to correct me if I got any of this wrong. I would also appreciate any feedback and suggestions.


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