GSoc: Swift-DocC Authoring Localization Support

Hi everyone,

It's a bit late but we've added another project idea to the GSoC project list: Swift-DocC Authoring Localization Support If you're interested in improving DoCC, or are interested in localization in general, this is a project for you!

The project summary is:
Swift-DocC-Render recently added support for rendering localized documentation. However, Swift-DocC currently only supports authoring documentation in a single language.

The goal of this project is to design and implement support for writing localized documentation by enhancing the Swift-DocC compiler to support localized DocC catalog inputs and produce an output that’s compatible with Swift-DocC-Render’s existing localization support. The participant will take part in collaborative technical design and Swift-DocC development.

Please feel free to reach out to me, or @marinaaisa if you have any questions.
We're really looking forward to seeing proposals for this project, thanks!


Hi Bina.
Is the purpose of this project to enable compiler support for say, wide characters?

Thank you for the question.

I can imagine some of the localized documentation(depending on the language) to be wide characters, and hence a need to support if that arises. The purpose of the project is support documentation in whichever language we want to localize documentation.

Hope this answers your question :) feel free to reach out for any follow-up questions. thanks!

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SymbolGraphGen already supports unicode, this is something i have tested. i do not know if DocC has issues with unicode. but the compiler today is certainly able to detect and emit documents with unicode.

Thanks for the reply!

Thank you for your reply, I will take a look!

DocC performs well in Unicode actually. I believe we need to craft out how to organize localization with inline and bundled documentation.

Another challenge is that DocC supplements aren’t available in LSP (AFAIK), but inline documentation with multiple languages is really verbose. With localization support, we may also want a way for LSP to consume documentation extensions.

(I’m working on a project which, has English and Chinese versions, while sharing codes between them. The Chinese documentation looks pretty ugly because the core library documentation is in English.)

Hello, I'm interested in this project.
I'd made a few iOS apps with SwiftUI. I can say that know the swift language.
If I want to participate in the 'Swift-DocC Authoring Localization Support' Project, Just I need to send the proposal or anything else?
Thank you.

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That's fantastic, here is some details regarding writing a proposal Writing a proposal | Google Summer of Code Guides. That's right you need to submit a proposal. Please reach out with any further questions. thanks!

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Hi all- GSoC contributor application deadline coming up soon April 4 - 18:00 UTC. We look forward to your proposals. Please do reach out with any questions you may have, thanks!

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