GSoC proposal for 2020

Hi everyone. I want to participate in this year's GSOC. I want to build a proposal for the same. Could somebody help me out in doing so and also explain to me what are the things that should be kept in mind while working for SWIFT.

Hi there,
first you should give the proposed topics a read (or you could come up with your own proposal, but those listed there we know we are interested in and have mentors for). There's more information on how to write a good proposal on the site as well.

If you have any specific questions do not hesitate to ask.

Thanks @ktoso, I have an idea about what should be going in the proposal but I just wanted an idea how to frame my proposa. If possible could you please share with me some previous proposals from which I can take a referencd. It would be of much help.

Sure, this thread has a rough outline I provided that other students then rephrased into their own specific proposals: Interest in "Server Distributed Tracing in Swift" (there's a gdoc there)

So you are thinking of some alternate proposal or what topic are you thinking of?

Thank you so much @ktoso. I am interested in a topic which is listed in the page that is localization of compiler diagnostic messages. I have been working on it and have found a lot of relevant information. It would be great if you could help me with it as it is my first time trying such a project.

Ok, so the localization project is for the compiler itself -- rather than the server-side of things -- there is one thread about it already over here: Gsoc2020 Localization of Compiler Diagnostic Messages

You can either start your own thread or join the existing one and ask @xedin for advice with regards to that specific project, as he's the mentor for that one (as can be found out on )

Hope this helps.

Thank you so much @ktoso. I am currently in contact with him on this project. I have already done research and am currently working on the code. I just need a sample proposal or one which has already been used in the previous years so that I can use it as a reference. I now have a rough idea on how to go about making a proposal and what should be in it but I am stuck as to how frame the proposal. It would be great if you could help me out a reference one which has been used in the previous years.

Thank You

Since you'd be working with Pavel if accepted I suggest you work with him on the proposal and plan – both of you should feel it makes sense to both of you.

I don't think I can share other people's proposals :wink: In the post I linked there's a google doc which is a good starting point if you're not sure how to start outlining tasks and milestone goals. The summer of code page also has good guidance on the topic. Have you read the guides on Guides  |  Google Summer of Code  |  Google Developers ?

Hi @xedin, I have prepared the proposal for this year's GSoC. Could you please review it for me any tell me if any changes have to be made so that I can do the necessary changes and submit the final draft. Also please tell me if I should send you my proposal via mail or in what way.