[GSoC 2024] Question regarding “Code Completion for Keywords using swift-syntax”


I'm Chahit, also known as CJ, a freshman studying Computer Science at UIUC. I have around 7-8 months of experience in Swift development, during which I've built several small-scale apps. My fascination with Natural Language Processing (NLP), compilers, and parsers, especially within the realm of SwiftSyntax, ignited my interest in enhancing code completion in Swift. @ahoppen I have been reading up on this project and I was wondering if there are any specific contextual cues or patterns in Swift syntax that can help identify valid completions more accurately?

Look forward to hearing from y'all!


Great to hear that you are interested in the project. Apart from the structure that’s dictated by the SwiftSyntax tree, I’m not aware of any formal description for valid completions – developing that would be the core part of the project.

Thank you for the clarification @ahoppen. I'll proceed to examine the Swift syntax patterns in detail and will reach out if I have any further questions or insights.