GSOC 2024:Potential Proposal and Discussion:Creation of Real World Swift Macro Examples

Greetings to the Swift Community, I am more than happy and excited to work, research and propose on the swift project related to macros and its tutorial making for educational purpose. I am attaching the potential proposal below.I would be thankful to recieve feedback from potential mentors @ahoppen and @Matejkob on this potential proposal:

I will be grateful to receive the feedback, criticism and suggestions on further improvement of my proposal.
Thank you for noticing my proposal.

“You need access”

I think you forgot to make the document public? Or did I miss something?

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My Apologies for the inconvenience caused, seems like i forgot to change the access settings. I hope you can access it now.

Hey there!

I'm excited to see your enthusiasm and initiative with the Swift macros project. Given the tight deadline, I had a quick look at your proposal and it looks promising!

Please make sure to submit your proposal to the Google Summer of Code page as soon as possible (Google Summer of Code). Time is of the essence, and this will ensure your proposal gets the consideration it deserves.

Best of luck with your submission!


Thanks alot for your feedback.Now,when the deadline for proposal submission is over,I have some questions.what should I focus on during this time?for what type of discussion can the organizers or the proposal checking team contact me regarding my proposal?
Also I wanted to know if there are any suggestions regarding changes I can make in the proposed examples,the timeline or working strategy?
Thank you.

In general we don’t recommend working on a project early just because we don’t want anyone to feel let down if they already spent some effort but they don’t get selected in the end.

This may not have anything to do with the quality of your proposal even but just the number of project slots we are granted as an organization.

If you would like to start preparing that is okey, but please don’t expect this to have impact on the proposal evaluation. Perhaps you can take the time to read up about related concepts so you’re ready to go if the project gets selected?

I hope this makes sense. We received a lot of proposals and want to give each of them a fair chance. Accepted proposals will be announced in accordance to the schedule on the summer of code website.

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