[GSoC-2024] Looking for possible list of Ideas for upcoming GSoC 2024

Hey Swift Community!

I am sure everyone's having a great time contributing and fixing bugs towards the swift-project and its sub repos just as I am!

Over the past year I have grasped a lot about the codebase and there's still a ton more to learn in the future as well. This wouldn't have been possible without the incredible support from the community members at each and every point, truly means a lot!

As the subject suggests, Google Summer of Code 2024 is upcoming and yes I am even more earlier this time seeking for potential projects and mentors to work on large scale changes to further enhance the developer experience!

Feel free to checkout my GitHub profile as well as my posts and discussions in the Swift Forums where I had also proposed for GSoC-2023 last year.

Looking forward to hear back some amazing ideas and projects to discuss and work on with the community members!

Thanks! :heart:
-- Rajveer Singh Bharadwaj

Never too early to start ideation :slight_smile:

Organizational information: We'll (the Swift project) want to apply to GSoC again this year but ofc if we get to participate and how many slots we'll have.

If someone is interested in being a mentor as well, please let me know as we'd love to include various people from across the project in the mentoring efforts as well. If interested, the most important piece is what area of the project you'd be able to mentor projects about.

More information will come later :slight_smile:


I have given my JEE exam this year only for entrance in clg which will start after july or aug.Can I still contribute to GSoC as I have heard that Google asks for Proof of Enrollment?

If I understand your question, you’re asking if you’re eligible if you’re not yet a student?

The eligibility rules are defined here: Get Started | Google Summer of Code

You do not strictly have to be a student to participate. Please read the details on the linked page

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