GSoC 2024: Code Completion for Keywords using swift-syntax

Hi everyone!

Here is Baraa, a 3rd year CS student at MSA University and a competitive programmer.
Currently Head of technical committee at MSA CPC club with no previous experience in the Open Source world and its time has come finally. :smiley:

I am passionate for delving into the intricacies of low-level development has been the driving force behind my programming journey.

So, I've desire and enthusiasm working on Code Completion for Keywords using swift-syntax project and eagerness to contribute to the Swift community and collaborate with mentors and fellow developers.

Q1: Am I required to firstly contribute to an existing issue to be considered as a participant?, if no, i would like to know if it can increase my chances in the selection process.

Q2: Is there any guidance to understand the problem and code base in-deep?

Hi Baraa,
previous contributions are not a requirement, though of course they help. In general the more confident we are that an applicant can successfully complete the project, be it through prior collaboration or by details in proposal plan, the better.

This project would be handled by @ahoppen. I recommend you try to wrap your head around where and how you'd get started and ask Alex some concrete questions to clarify your plans.

The selection of projects is mostly through how detailed and well prepared the project plan seems to be, so I recommend fleshing out the details of the implementation approach in threads such as this.


Thank you ktoso for replying!
@ahoppen, I'm enthusiastic about the opportunity to benefit from your valuable guidance and mentorship.

I've tried to explore the code base of SwiftSyntax but i got overwhelmed by its size.
Is reading this docs first can make things easier to get started?
if yes, which main parts should i focus on?

Hello, greetings to you and all swift community. Myself Prasanna Saxena, currently doing graduation in Computer Science with specialization in AIML.I browsed through the project ideas of Swift for GSoC 2024,and keenly interested in two of the project ideas, that are Lexical scopes for swift-syntax and Code Completion for Keywords using swift-syntax. I am an Open Source enthusiast, well versed with C++, comfortable with Swift and highly enthusiastic and determined to learn and implement any new skills required for above two projects.
I hope if you can help me with telling what should i start with.
Thank You.

If you’re interested in the keyword completion project I would start by trying to understand how my initial draft PR works. WIP: Implement keyword completion based on the syntax tree’s layout by ahoppen · Pull Request #1014 · apple/swift-syntax · GitHub Other than that, I don’t have any better recommendations.

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