[GSoC 2024] Code completion for keywords project interest

HI all,
My name is Emmanuel, an open source beginner contributor and I'm interesting in taking on the code completion project for GSOC 2024.
Looking forward to connect with Alex Hoppen who is seen as the potential mentor for the project.

Hi Emmanuel,
Do you have any specific questions you'd like to ask? Do you know where one would get started? Have you maybe already built the project and investigating etc?


Hello ktoso,
Am I supposed to submit a separate project proposal to the swift foundation before I can be allowed to take on the project?

I recommend reading through the whole Contributor Guide as it explains a lot about process.

In short though: In order to take part in summer of code you'll have to write an official proposal, detailing how you'll approach the project and submit it to GSoC. Once that is done (timeline here), we'll have some time to pick the "best" proposal and practically speaking at most one application per project can be selected. Not all projects will get assigned.

So you should make use of the period until application deadline to make sure you have a concrete and fleshed out plan and understanding of the project by asking the mentor specific questions.

We generally do not recommend starting "serious" coding (though "preparing, and experimenting" is recommended), because if you don't get selected we don't want you to feel like you wasted all that time and didn't get selected in the end.

Applications start on March 18, 2024, and end on April 2, 2024 at 18:00 UTC.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you for the information

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