[GSoC 2023] ZooKeeper client

Hey everyone. A little bit about myself: my name is Julius, and I am a CS student at NYU. I am slightly familiar with Swift and have some relevant experience to improve my knowledge - I have played around with Swift before.

I am seeking to contribute to Swift through GSoC 2023 program this summer. I want to propose a potential project idea: a ZooKeeper client for Swift. ZK client could be a valuable addition to the currently incubated projects in the Swift server ecosystem. It would make Swift an even more practical tool for building complex distributed systems. Let me know what you think!

Also, tagging the potential mentors listed on the Swift website: @FranzBusch


Hey @nedjulius,

Thanks for opening up this topic!

This sounds like a great initiative though I have to say I never looked into how the ZooKeeper APIs look like but that shouldn't be a problem here! :smiley:

What I would like to understand and what you would have to outline in your proposal is:

  1. How are the ZooKeeper APIs exposed and how do you communicate with them?
  2. What features of the APIs to you want to implement in the scope of GSoC?
  3. A rough outline of the different things you have to implement to get that done

If you have any questions on the process or the topic itself please continue to post here on this thread. There probably are other people interested in this as well!

You can also reach me via a private message on these forums or through the Swift Open Source Slack!



Hello Franz, thank you very much for your reply! I will thoroughly research the existing client implementations and provide comprehensive answers to the outline questions in the upcoming few days.