Gsoc 2022

Hello Swift Community!
I am interested to be a part of GSoC Swift Organisation. I wanted to know what topics should one be familiar with in order to do GSoC projects. What are the prerequisites?

The Projects do change every year but there must be some must-have knowledge in order to contribute. Like acc to one previous year project, one should have knowledge in data structures and algorithms in swift.

Task 1: One should know git/github, swift language.(basic thing)

Please append this list.
This would also be helpful for students who will be a part of swift community in future.:star_struck:
please guide. :slightly_smiling_face:

Task 2: Deep dive into swift.

I found this book helpful for learning standard library, API Design, functional reactive programming and much more. Expert Swift |

Swift forum have a page for Standard Library in development section. You can help others there and ask questions.

@shilpeegupta Could you provide me with your Email address ?

You can dm me on swift forum.
You can ask your doubts here too, it'll help others who are in same boat as you.

I will try to answer as per my knowledge while you can also get help from other seniors by creating a post.

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