[GSoC 2022] Swift data structure implementation

Hello mentor @lorentey
My name is Ahmad Ayman , i'm a computer science student in the Faculty of computers and informatics Zagazig University in Egypt .
I have read the project descriptions for (Swift data structure implementation ) and I am really interested in working on it under your supervision , i have an acceptable knowledge in programming in general especially (c++ , Data Structure & swift ) so i'm really interested in C++ and its (STL) and make a combination between it and Swift's (STL) .
I would appreciate if you can guide me through this .


We’re discussing 1:1 as well, but this isn’t a project from this years project list: Swift.org - Project Ideas for GSoC 2022

I’d suggest picking an existing project from the 2022 project list rather than trying to revive a topic from 2021 edition of GSoC (a project which did run and complete successfully)

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