Gsoc-2021 Swift Numerics: Decimal64

Hello Everyone

My name is Arundhati Dogra and I am from India.
I am here to construct a proposal for the project Swift Numerics: Decimal64.

I am a third-year electrical engineering student and I aim at doing my specialization in Data Sciences( ML, AI and IoT). I was introduced to this community of developers a little late in life. So, primarily I am here to make the most out of the opportunities that I get.
I am familiar with C/C++ and can write an intermediate level of code in the same.
As of now, I am learning python and Java Script but am still at the very beginning stage.
I have no fancy going or algorithm writing experience and to be very honest writing this in the first place was extremely daunting for me. But again how am I supposed to learn if I don't venture out and feel vulnerable.
I have a great academic record in mathematics. I took Maths as a subject for dour semesters in my college life as well. Numbers and their calculations come organically to me and are definitely my strong suit. I have curiosity to learn and implement Decimal64 in Swift with @scanon under appropriate guidance and mentorship.

I would appreciate any guidance that can come for writing my proposal


Paging @scanon — when you have a moment :slight_smile:

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