[GSoC 2021] Swift data structure implementation

Hello @lorentey

I'm Chengmin and study Computer Science in Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. I really interest in traditional Software Development especially iOS application.

I have learned some courses related to data structure implementation, such as Algorithm and data structure, Object-Oriented Programming, Compiler and so on. I have the experience for implementing the Pascal Compiler using FLEX Bison and llvm as backend.

I have studied Swift and Objective-C for 2 years and participate in some competitions and projects. Last year, I was an intern in Bytedance, writing code for improving the user experience. I also participated the CCCC Mobile Application Creativity Contest which hosted by Apple and Zhejiang University, finally got the National Third Prize.

But I have no experience for joining an project to implement the basic STL for a language. I really interest in this program and love Swift and Apple, hoping to join this project.

It's better if I could contact you privately to discuss further.


Hi Chengmin! I'm pleased to meet you! :blush: I've sent you a DM to get things rolling.

OK! I see and thanks for reply. I will reply later.

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I absolutely agree with your advice that not selecting too large a project. I prepare to start with a certain theme “Weak-keyed and/or weak-valued hash tables”. I know that data struct like Dictionary is the most frequent usages in daily development. The development scenes like objects caching and notification register often use the weak reference adding to a Set structure like that. As you say, their number of elements can change at any time, so they can't really conform to Collection Protocol. I actually set up the Swift source code development env, later I will try to read some implement of existed data struct like Dictionary and Set. I will survey similar data structure implementations in other languages (like Java ?) as you recommend. Thanks for your reply again. “The wall of text” is very useful sometimes. HAHA!

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