[GSoC 2021] Interest to Swift ArgumentParser: Interactive mode & Tooling for swiftmodule Files

Hello, My name is Kotaro Suto, and I study Computer Science at De Anza College (but currently Iam taking classes from my home in Japan since the campus is closed). I have been writing Swift to build iOS apps and now I am interested to learn more about Swift itself and how to contribute to the community.

Since I am interested in two project ideas, Swift ArgumentParser: Interactive mode, and Tooling for swiftmodule Files, I would like to ask questions about them to decide which one to send the proposal to.

Swift ArgumentParser: Interactive mode (cc: @nnnnnnnn)
I recently got to know about the ArgumentParser and found it very useful and made my experience to build a simple command-line tool (GitHub - KS1019/app-icon-resize-machine: A command-line tool to generate .appiconset file from one .png file.) very enjoyable. (I liked how GitHub shows it's 100% Swift :smile:)
My question is:

  • What kind of knowledge in command-line tools is a student expected to have? (I would like to ask this since I am worried about the lack of my knowledge about them)

Tooling for swiftmodule Files (cc: @codafi)
I have finished C++ courses at my college and have written Swift for iOS apps so I think I have skills reuqired but I am worried about the lack of my knowledge in swiftmodule and debugging tool in general.

So my questions are:

  • What should a student know about swiftmodule?
  • What is this tool going to be like (or is this going to be somewhat similar to llvm-bc-analyzer mentioned in idea)?
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Welcome, Kotaro!

For the ArgumentParser project, I think the most important part is just experience using different command-line tools. That way you'll have a sense of the (various) "standard" ways of interacting, and can approach the design of this interactive mode with a stronger background. Feel free to DM me if you'd like to continue discussing the project.

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