[GSoC 2021] Increase differentiable programming’s language coverage

Hello @rxwei!

My name is Jeremy and I am an undergraduate at National University of Singapore. I am currently studying Chemical Engineering, however, I have taken several classes in Computer Science and I am very interested in it.

I am interested in the proposed project idea (Increase differentiable programming’s language coverage)
and I believe that my knowledge in differential calculus will be beneficial.

I'd appreciate if you can share more information about the project and if there are any direction that you would like the project to be headed. I am really keen on doing this project but I would require certain guidance as I am just starting out!

Thank you!


Hi Jeremy, I'm so sorry that I missed this message earlier. One good project to consider would be default derivative implementations for protocol requirements. SR-13166 has a detailed explanation. Are you still interested in submitting an application?

Hello Richard, thank you so much for getting back to me! I have read through the project description and I am definitely interested in submitting an application. How should we proceed from here?

Great! You can submit a draft application on the GSoC website and I’ll give it a quick review. It needs to be completed today (April 13, 2021 11:00 PDT). Feel free to post any questions here or DM me.

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Can I submit a rough proposal onto the GSoC website just for the application first? I will submit whatever is listed. Afterwards I will discuss with you more about the project and any finer details?

Hi @JeremyLim, given that there's less than 10 hours until the deadline I suggest writing up a proposal and submitting it as a "draft" in the GSoC tool.

Once you have done that, ping Richard so he can give it a quick look. Make sure to mark the submission as "Final" before the deadline though, I believe that's a requirement for us to be able to consider it (will double check that though).

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@ktoso I am doing the draft now. Thank you for the advice!

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