[GSoC:2020] Localization of Compiler Diagnostic Messages

Hey @xedin! Hope you're doing great.

This is Fatima Aurangzeb from Pakistan. I'm currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Software Engineering from NED University of Engineering and Technology. I'm in my third semester right now. I have two years of experience in c++; I'm quite familiar with swift as well. These days I'm working on developing my skills in Swift. I'm extremely interested in Localization of Compiler Diagnostic Messages project. I just wanted to know if there's a particular pattern that we have to follow while writing the proposal. Furthermore, it'd be really great if I could contact you privately to share my idea and get your critiques on my proposal.

Thank you!

Hi @fatima, thank you for the interest in the project! Our organization doesn't place any specific requirements on the proposals so you can follow Google's guidelines, also some of the most important details about the project could be found here.

What we are looking for is a clear understanding of the problem and proposed solution which accounts for both user-friendliness and performance aspects. Any details help e.g. how format is going to look like, how diagnostics are going to be verified/validated (e.g. diagnose calls would use diagnostic identifiers pass arguments - how to we make sure that all translations abide to the same format), how to pass preferred locale settings and translations etc.

Thank you so much! I will keep this in mind.

No problem, please let me know if you have any other questions!

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