GSoC 2020 - Localization of Compiler Diagnostic Messages

Hi, I'm interested in contribute to the Localization of Compiler Diagnostic Messages project. What are some guidelines I should be familiar with before start working on the code? How can I contact the mentor directly? Thanks!



Hi @pedrocns, @xedin is the mentor, he can assist with any technical questions you have about the project idea.

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Hi @pedrocns, thank you for the interest in the project! You can send me a private message on forums or email me at I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have on the topic.

Hai , my name is Archin Deepak and I'm studying in Bangalore. I am currently in second year and am new to GSoc environment , i know C and C++ programming. I am keenly interested in working on swift programming but I don't know how to start.Please help me know about the same as this is my first time on GSoC. I want to know more about the topic of Localisation of Compiler Diagnostic Messages.

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