GSoC 2020 Implement Semantic Highlighting for SourceKit-LSP

Hi @blangmuir, I am Gökhan from Turkey. I am a non-CS student in 3rd grade at Dokuz Eylül University. I have a 6-months iOS development experience. I want to contribute to SourceKit-LSP for implementing semantic highlighting. I have no experience about LSP but I will make some research to 16th March, and I will send my proposal. Are there any things to do before the proposal deadline?

Hi @gokhanamal,

I added some links to my reply to Implement Semantic Highlighting for SourceKit-LSP that may be helpful when you look into this.

Are there any things to do before the proposal deadline?

I don't think there are any specific requirements before the proposal (CC @akyrtzi who will know best), but as you look into this area it's good to stay in touch here on the forums to make sure you're on the right track, or to answer any questions that come up.

I'm a second-year undergrad computer science, engineering student from MSIT, New Delhi, India. I have over 1 year of experience in open-source and have contributed to building FOSSASIA, BadgeMagic iOS app from scratch I have some projects in GoLang

I have 2 internships in the Mobile App Development in iOS and have professional knowledge of C++ as I have also contributed to Godot last year.

I also happen to win a Hackathon at prestigious Harvard University last October where I created a Mobile app to detect allergic food(iOS and Android app).

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@blangmuir thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @halfpolygon, nice to meet you. Do you also want to contribute for the issue? Did you see the project ideas page?

@gokhanamal Yes, I am writing the proposal at the moment.

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