[GSoC 2019] Creating A function for tableview and collectionview

Hello I am Prajval Raval and I am in my first year of college in IT and I have been developing in swift for about 7 months now and I would like to propose an idea for GSoC 2019.

My proposal is about Tableview and Collectionview, they are one of the most used views in swift used by almost every developer no matter beginner or a professional even though there is no inbuilt way to use more than one arrays with this views. I ran into this problem when I was developing an app which used Collectionview as its main UI component and I wanted to implement a cell from different array than my main data array at specific indexes and being a rookie in swift it took me a few days to figure out. But still it took a lot of tweaks in various default functions and providing values like indexpaths that I had to give for a collectionview to work properly.

Although I worked on it for a while now and I have developed a way to implement this function in very much less code and still get a fully customisable cell as per user need. With the help of Swift team I can even minimize it to as small as 3-4 lines. Now I don't know if this project is worthy of GSoC or even swift but I gave it a try anyway so feel free to comment and provide your feedback. Thank You.

Hello Prajval!

This sounds like an interesting project, but if it's specific to UIKit/AppKit, then I'm afraid it's out of scope for the Swift project -- it is probably more appropriate to publish it as a separate package.

The Swift repository does currently contain a number of SDK overlays for Apple-provided frameworks such as UIKit or SceneKit; however, the APIs these overlays define aren't part of the swift-evolution process.

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