GRDB is present in the Xcode 13.3 beta SDKs

Hello, I just wanted to share my joy and pride to see that GRDB can be found in the SDK binaries shipped with Xcode 13.3 beta. I hope it feeds even more Apple frameworks in the future! Thanks to all the amazing users who have contributed their work, ideas, challenging questions, experience, and support :heart:


Wow, congratulations! This is the accolade. Looking forward to using it in my next projects as well.

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:blush: Thank you very much Dr.!

Fantastic news Gwendal ! That simplifies our package management quite a bit :smiley:
Well deserved !

What does this mean? Will grdb be available as an Apple-supported framework without having to add it as a package?

:sweat_smile:, no! GRDB is not part of the SDK. It is used by the SDK, as a private implementation detail of a system framework. In other words, a team at Apple decided that the library would fit their needs, and they use it.

This is good news for everybody. A team inside Apple trusts the library, and I could not dream of a higher level of validation. Except, maybe, two Apple teams ;-)

This does not change in any way the GRDB distribution: it is not a public Apple api. It remains hosted at It is still a "third-party" library.

For the record, Apple sometimes uses such third-party libraries as implementation details. Some are very famous, such as icu. Some are less famous. On the topic of SQLite, for example, FMDB has been used by several Apple apps and frameworks over the years.


Very cool! Congrats!

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