GRDB: Async/await edition is looking for testers

Hello Swift community,

GRDB, the SQLite toolkit, is about to get built-in support for the new Swift concurrency feature, aka async/await.

This is an important step in the life of the library, because Swift concurrency is a major language feature that is about to enter a majority of development teams. Existing apps should experience a smooth transition, and new apps should enjoy the usual all-batteries-included experience.

The developments are now ready to be tested by volunteers. The code, a description of the changes, and a demo app, are available in the #1079 pull request. For a more high-level discussion of GRDB and async/await, see the #1075 discussion.

Dear testers, the most wanted contributions are:

  • I do not personally own a macOS computer able to run async/await. If you do, can you please check that the new apis are readily available, and report your findings? Thank you in advance.
  • Please play with the new apis, and report any bug or ergonomics issue .
  • Please ask for features. The goal is that the async/await edition of GRDB ships with a maximum of batteries included, and all ideas are welcome.
  • Bring your experience about Async/Await: is it possible to start a Task on @MainActor synchronously?
  • Help fixing SR-15150
  • Help on the remaining tasks listed in the PR.

If you work on a GRDB-powered app, don't miss this opportunity to help your app move forward!

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