GRDB 6.0.0-beta

Hello Swift Community,

GRDB, the "toolkit for SQLite databases, with a focus on application development" has been upgraded to version 6.0.0-beta.

Highlights of this release are:

  • Swift 5.7 required, Xcode 14 beta 5+

  • Support for UPSERT: player.upsert(db), etc.

  • Support for the RETURNING clause: player.insertAndFetch(db), Player.deleteAndFetchAll(db), etc.

  • Persistence Callbacks allow record types to customize persistence methods: willInsert, willUpdate, willDelete etc.

Check Migrating From GRDB 5 to GRDB 6 for suggestions for improving your applications, and guidance for handling the breaking changes.

See the complete Release Notes.

Please upgrade your apps, report any issue, and let's get ready for the future of data persistence on Apple platforms!


GRDB 6.0.0-beta.2 has just shipped - let's hope it works with Xcode beta 6, unzipping as I'm writing this post ;-)

This new release extends and most importantly documents the new UPSERT features.

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GRDB 6 beta 3 has just shipped:

  • Fix: #1268 by @groue: Fix SQL generation of CHECK constraints
  • Breaking: The Column type is no longer Equatable
  • Documentation Update: Migrating From GRDB 5 to GRDB 6 describes in detail how to update records that customize their persistence methods.
  • Documentation Update: The Single-Row Tables guide was updated for the new persistence callbacks.
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GRDB 6 beta 4 has shipped:


There we go! GRDB 6.0.0, not a beta this time, has shipped :rocket:

See the release notes, the migration guide from GRDB 5 to GRDB 6, and don't hesitate supporting 7+ years of continuous support and improvements on the sponsoring page!