Google Summer of Code 2019:Swift debugging support on Linux

Hi Davide,

I am a senior student at Beijing Institute of Technology. At school, I learned C++, object-oriented programming, compilation principles, and so on. And I am a fan of Apple, I like your equipment, software, and systems very much. In my sophomore and junior year, I studied OC and swift4 and used them to make a little game on my Github. This year, I learned about GSOC through my friends. I saw that Swift is also a participating organization. So I want to participate in your project :

Swift debugging support on Linux

And I want to know more about it.


Guanzhong Liu

Thanks for your interest.
If you've not done it already, I recommend to try building swift and swift-lldb on your machine and start playing with it.
A good first task if you want to get your feet wet is: [SR-9193] Re-enable lang/swift/foundation/ on Linux · Issue #4351 · apple/llvm-project · GitHub

Is there anything in particular you would like to know? Don't hesitate to ask.

FIne,I will have a try soon.

Hello @dcci, I'm Afrin Jaman a third-year student at National University of Bangladesh. I have good skill in C, C++, Swift, Java and Python, algorithm, Android, and iOS app development. Moreover, I am a Linux lover. I am looking forward to working with Swift GSoC 19. I am so excited to work on Swift debugging support on Linux because I felt that this is something that I would love to work with. I believe that I can create something great if I get proper guidelines from you. Please feel free to tell me if there anything else to know to start.
I am eagerly waiting for your suggestion to get started. Thank you for your consideration.

Hi @afrinjamanbd, thanks for your interest. If you want to familiarize with the project and the codebase, feel free to pick any lldb bug on and take a look. Let me know if you have any questions.