Good approach to learning unfamiliar SwiftUI?

Short analogy: I am familiar with language but now in a foreign country needing to find my way into one which is not only new to me but uses a different alphabet.

Specifically, I am seeking guidance on good resources to learn SwiftUI.

I qualified post-grad in programming so many decades ago that the basis was procedural, before OOP. Never having practised directly in the field, I have always used the skills as an adjunct to my main work in modelling and analysis (trying to keep it brief here). Hence tools like Unix awk and sed and successors to HyperCard - MetaCard through LiveCode, sufficed for marshalling data and for putting front ends on SQLite databases for storing and retrieving information, my other main use of coding. I have also some useful apps for myself. Everything is oriented to my needs, zero commercial.

Determining I had need of something better, I settled on Swift and am about to start the journey. The language itself looks straightforward enough. The wholly new territory is SwiftUI, wheres with the xTalks I simply created a window, plonked fields and controls on it and started event programming of them. With no need for animations, pretty pictures or backgrounds, or interactions beyond some data entry/retrieval and "do this function", I am looking for an optimal way into SwiftUI at that basic level.

Apple Playgrounds seemed to want to teach me programming and exploits animation of no interest to me. Other options seem to be tutorials from Apple (starts with an iOS app where I principally want to build on MacOS), tutorials or I saw a tutorial that looked OK from Kodeco. My other option is to open Xcode (also somewhat unfamiliar to me), then suck it and see. I have a somewhat unnecessary but functional application in mind to use as my first development, to start the switch from Livecode.

Does anyone have suggestions on a quick way into SwiftUI given from where I am coming, or which of the options I listed might be good?

Sorry about the long winded newbie post. I also listen.

It's great that you're embarking on the journey to learn Swift and SwiftUI! Given your background and the tools you've used before, it sounds like you have a solid foundation in programming, even if the paradigms have shifted over the years.

For someone with your experience, I recommend the following resources and approach to get started with SwiftUI. Even though many resources start with iOS, the principles are transferable to macOS development. Learning SwiftUI on iOS is a valuable skill because most new macOS apps are also written in SwiftUI, so the concepts you learn will be directly applicable.

For Building Experience with SwiftUI & Swift

To Enhance Your SwiftUI Skills on macOS After Completing the Above Courses

Given your practical application needs, try to build small, functional components that align with your end goals. This approach will help you stay motivated and see immediate results as you progress.

Feel free to ask more specific questions as you dive deeper into SwiftUI. The community is here to help!

Hope this helps, and best of luck on your SwiftUI journey!

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Thank you for your response @byaruhaf. I have bookmarked those options. Looking across yours and the ones I mentioned, and the documentation, I have enough to get going. I take your advice about not fussing about the learning platform given the skills are intended to be transferrable.

Immersion is to me the best option, which is why I picked a non-essential application initially for my own novel effort, so there is no pressure to panic back to previous methods just to get something done.

If need be I will certainly ask rather than blocking. :+1:

Actually, these forums are dedicated to the Swift language itself. SwiftUI is not Swift. :slight_smile:

Please help keep these forums clean, by refraining from asking questions that are not related to the Swift language itself.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Feel free to ask away on the Apple Developer Forums, though:

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